Using AI to develop enhanced cybersecurity measures

New research helps identify an unprecedented number of malware families

Not too big - Machine learning tames huge datasets

Using the Summit supercomputer, Los Alamos algorithm breaks the exabyte barrier.

Our paper that sets a new world record

A new world record by simultaneously classifying an unprecedented number of malware families under extreme class imbalance, surpassing prior work by a factor of 29

R&D 100 winner of the day - SmartTensors AI Platform

The SmartTensors AI Platform, developed at Los Alamos National Laboratory, is a scalable, unsupervised machine-learning software suite capable of identifying, extracting essential hidden features, and efficiently compressing information in massive datasets.

Computer scientists build new tool to fight coronavirus

There are over 57,000 research papers that could help fight COVID-19. A text mining tool is helping scientists navigate the data.