Tensor Extraction of Latent Features (T-ELF) is one of the machine learning software packages developed as part of the R&D 100 winning SmartTensors AI project at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL). T-ELF presents an array of customizable software solutions crafted for analysis of datasets.


pyCP_ALS is the Python implementation of CP-ALS algorithm that was originally introduced in the MATLAB Tensor Toolbox.


Random Forest of Tensors (RFoT) is a novel ensemble semi-supervised classification algorithm based on tensor decomposition. We show the capabilities of RFoT when classifying Windows Portable Executable (PE) malware and benign-ware.


pyDNTNK is a software package for applying non-negative Hierarchical Tensor decompositions such as Tensor train and Hierarchical Tucker decompositons in a distributed fashion to large datasets. It is built on top of pyDNMFk.


pyQBTNs is a Python library for boolean matrix and tensor factorization using D-Wave quantum annealers.