Tensor Extraction of Latent Features (T-ELF) is one of the machine learning software packages developed as part of the R&D 100 winning SmartTensors AI project at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL). T-ELF presents an array of customizable software solutions crafted for analysis of datasets. Acting as a comprehensive toolbox, T-ELF specializes in data pre-processing, extraction of latent features, and structuring results to facilitate informed decision-making. Leveraging high-performance computing and cutting-edge GPU architectures, our toolbox is optimized for analyzing large datasets from diverse set of problems.

Central to T-ELF’s core capabilities lie non-negative matrix and tensor factorization solutions for discovering multi-faceted hidden details in data, featuring automated model determination facilitating the estimation of latent factors or rank. This pivotal functionality ensures precise data modeling and the extraction of concealed patterns. Additionally, our software suite incorporates cutting-edge modules for both pre-processing and post-processing of data, tailored for diverse tasks including text mining, Natural Language Processing, and robust tools for matrix and tensor analysis and construction.

T-ELF’s adaptability spans across a multitude of disciplines, positioning it as a robust AI and data analytics solution. Its proven efficacy extends across various fields such as Large-scale Text Mining, High Performance Computing, Computer Security, Applied Mathematics, Dynamic Networks and Ranking, Biology, Material Science, Medicine, Chemistry, Data Compression, Climate Studies, Relational Databases, Data Privacy, Economy, and Agriculture.


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Maksim E. Eren
Maksim E. Eren

My research interests lie at the intersection of the machine learning and cybersecurity disciplines, with a concentration in tensor decomposition.