Distributed Out-of-Memory SVD on CPU/GPU Architectures

We propose an efficient, distributed, out-of-memory implementation of the truncated singular value decomposition (t-SVD) for heterogeneous (CPU+GPU) high performance computing (HPC) systems. Various implementations of SVD have been proposed, but most …

FedSPLIT: One-Shot Federated Recommendation System Based on Non-negative Joint Matrix Factorization and Knowledge Distillation

Non-negative matrix factorization (NMF) with missing-value completion is a well-known effective Collaborative Filtering (CF) method used to provide personalized user recommendations. However, traditional CF relies on the privacy-invasive collection …

Distributed Out-of-Memory NMF of Dense and Sparse Data on CPU/GPU Architectures with Automatic Model Selection for Exascale Data

The need for efficient and scalable big-data analytics methods is more essential than ever due to the exploding size and complexity of globally emerging datasets. Nonnegative Matrix Factorization (NMF) is a well-known explainable unsupervised …


pyQBTNs is a Python library for boolean matrix and tensor factorization using D-Wave quantum annealers.


pyDNMFk is a software package for applying non-negative matrix factorization in a distributed fashion to large datasets. It has the ability to minimize the difference between reconstructed data and the original data through various norms (Frobenious, KL-divergence).