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Tensor Decomposition Methods for Cybersecurity

Tensor decomposition is a powerful unsupervised machine learning method used to extract hidden patterns from large datasets. This presentation aims to illuminate the extensive applications and capabilities of tensors within the realm of cybersecurity. We offer a comprehensive overview by encapsulating a diverse array of capabilities, showcasing the cutting-edge employment of tensors in the detection of network and power grid anomalies,identification of SPAM e-mails, mitigation of credit card fraud, and detection of malware. Additionally, we delve into the utility of tensors for classifying malware families, pinpointing novel forms of malware, analyzing user behavior,and utilizing tensors for data privacy through federated learning techniques.

Electrical Grid Anomaly Detection via Tensor Decomposition

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems often serve as the nervous system for substations within power grids. These systems facilitate real-time monitoring, data acquisition, control of equipment, and ensure smooth and efficient …